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January 23, 2004

A Moveable Fence

This story from Haaretz is a bit strange.

Shalom says fence 'is moveable,' if deal reached with PA

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said Friday that the Palestinians should return to the negotiating table because Israel is ready to make changes in the controversial barrier built in the West Bank to prevent terror attacks. "The fence is moveable," he said.

To a politician staring at a map, the fence is moveable.
To negotiators in Geneva, the fence is moveable.
To a planner staring at his design in Autocad, or on an GIS database, the fence is moveable.
To a crew chief out by the fence, leaning on his truck, staring at all that concrete, talking it over with his foreman, that fence ain't fucking going anywhere.

"You reckon we could pick that up?"
"You reckon we could maybe push it some?"
"I reckon it's gonna stay there."
"Yep. I reckon so."

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Ha. Bet he means that they can always expand the fence further out. "Oh, you don't wanna negotiate? Fine. We'll move the fence out another 2 miles."

Posted by: SwampWoman at Jan 24, 2004 1:06:29 AM