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January 15, 2004

Axis Powers Ready to Train Iraqis

This French offer is just over the top. Must. stop. laughing.

PARIS (AP) - France, Germany and Japan could work together closely to train Iraq's police and soldiers once Iraqis have control of their government, the French defense minister said Thursday.

Yep. The former Axis powers could work together to train the police and soldiers, to bring them back up to National Socialist standards. Maybe the French and German's could also teach the Iraqi police how to recognize subtle signs of Jewishness.

Michele Alliot-Marie [who is a woman] reiterated France's position after meeting with Japan's defense chief, Shigeru Ishiba, who was in Europe for talks on Iraq.

Funny how they didn't meet in Washington, New York, or Baghdad. I wonder if they stayed at the Nuremberg Inn?

She said that France would carry out the task "in close collaboration with our German friends and also with our Japanese friends, because they themselves envisage to be involved in this domain."

Yep. Good friends from way back in the good old days when they envisaged to rule the world. Wait.... They still do that now. I wonder if they envisage Rumsfeld telling them to take their silly plans and shove them up their asses?

France, a leading critic of U.S. plans to invade Iraq, has not sent troops but has offered to train Iraqi police after the U.S.-led coalition hands power to an Iraqi transitional government on July 1.

But by July 1 the Iraqi police will already be trained in law enforcement by the U.S., so maybe the extra training will just cover courses like

Americans - Evil Imperialists Bent on World Domination
Jews - Subtle Traits that Give them away
Socialism - Why Good Ideas Never Go Away
Weapons - Why French Weapons are still the Way to Go
Trade - Why the Oil for Cheese program should continue
Combat - Surrender Lessons from the Masters
Uniforms - Why a handkerchief is always a requirement
The UN - Why we're still your best friend, despite all your dead relatives

The Iraqis have had many many months of training by the worlds number one military, which crushed them in ten days. Maybe the Iraqis should ask Msse. Alliot-Marie [who is a woman] why they'd need combat lessons from France - a country that can't fight, Germany - a country that won't fight, and Japan - a country that doesn't have an army.

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YEAH, baby! A knight in shining armor, great song lyrics and funny,too! Found your place via little tiny lies. GREAT blog.

Sheesh, if I wanted a world-class kick ass police force, training by France doesn't immediately leap to mind. France COULD teach them how to blame everything on the Evil Americans, but I think Arabs have that lesson down pretty well anyway.

Posted by: SwampWoman at Jan 16, 2004 12:37:03 AM