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January 10, 2004

Onward, Bitching Trollers

Onward, bitching trollers
Stumping for Al Gore,
Lacking facts ne'er stopped them
Droning on before

Watch the cut and paster
Lead against the foe,
Forward into battle,
See those spammers go!

Onward, mindless posters
Thumping for the Dean,
Big lapses in logic
Mentally they're poor.

In uninspiring irony,
Moves the herd of Marx:
Comrades, they are treading,
Where Che Guerva trod.

They are not enlightening,
Have no dignity,
One in hope, in doctrine,
One in idiocy..

Onward, left wing posters!
Barking at the moon
With the gloss of Chomsky
Who cares what they mean?

Onward then, ye sheeple!
With your happy bong,
Waste for hours your voices
In the moonbat song;
Boring taunts and blather
To the web they bring
This on countless pages, dems and moonbats fling

Onward, drooling poseurs!
Sreeching at the boards,
With no facts and reason
G-d they are a bore.

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