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January 14, 2004

Troll King Has Spoken

Here's a spoof on Cat Steven's "Morning Has Broken". The Rott used to have a guy named "Troll King" showing up all the time. However, Troll King was a very good troll. Other troll names didn't fit the rhyme to well.

Troll King has spoken, like the first trolling
Bastard has splooshed in, like the first turd
Praise for the flinging, praise for the drooling
Praise for him springing fresh to the thread

Read the pain’s new swill, unlit and leaden
Like the first pew fall, from the first ass
Praise for the bleatings of the wet tardin'
Flung in completeness where his seat craps

My it is dumb tripe, my it is boring
Shorn of but some light, we can relate
Praise with elation, praise every trolling
Our recreation of the new day

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Now his trolling must begin.

Posted by: Jesse Conroy at Mar 10, 2006 3:29:39 PM