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January 20, 2004

Why They Hate Us III

This article from the Arab News of Saudi Arabia was priceless. Linda Heard, the raving moonbat, spouts again.

CAIRO, 20 January 2004 — Whatever happened to good old-fashioned Arab “karama”, an Arabic word, which resonates as honor or self-esteem? While it’s still in abundance on the streets of Cairo, Ramallah, Damascus and Amman, the opinion columns of Arab newspapers are filled with apology, self-criticism and hand-wringing. What on earth is going on?

Maybe the Arabs are starting to think about their society?

Isn’t it enough that right-wing Western politicians, writers and media feel free to hurl invectives at Arabs in this post Sept. 11 climate without Arab writers and intellectuals weighing in? It appears that some of those luminaries have placed the West on a pedestal and think nothing about dredging up reports, which paint the Arab world in a poor light, as though anywhere, which isn’t a clone of the US, is somehow inconsequential or lacking.

Well, she got that right.

Rather than condemn those who seek to diminish the achievements of the Arabs down the centuries, their penmanship seeks approval from America as they attempt to put across the message “We Arabs are really nice guys”.

And wouldn't changing to become "nice guys" be better than blowing up little kids on buses? Is this a bad thing?

Those elevated Arab individuals, often enjoying the benefits of dual nationality, describe Arab states as technologically backward, badly run and beat their chests over the status of women. Clutching diplomas bestowed by Western universities, they adopt a superior tone and unashamedly kowtow to their Occidental mentors. Enough already!

Yes, oh American hating Occidental mentor!!! They should stop beating their chests over the status of women, and get back to beating women!!! The moonbat has spoken.

Well, I’ve got news for them. Arabs are the good guys here. It is outrageous that just because a gang of fanatics ran with their hatred and committed cold-blooded murderous acts on US soil, the entire Arab world — along with the planet’s 1.5 billion Muslims — has come under a negative American microscope.

800 million, a billion, a billion and a half. What are mere numbers to a raving nutcase?

Indeed, the Arabs have nothing for which to apologize. On the contrary, it is the West, which should be saying it’s sorry. Britain, France and the US have jointly and separately raped the Middle East and North Africa, while greedily lusting after the regions’ natural resources.

Quick Battyman! The Arabs are starting to get a clue! Fire up the Conspiracy Theorator and zap them with more Paranoid Delusion! Marximum setting!!!

Britain should apologize for occupying Palestine before carving it up and leaving a bloodbath as a parting “gift” and for its lengthy occupation of Egypt.

Oh, so if Britain just apologizes the 20th century will all go away, and the Imams will start preaching about bunny rabbits. Kewl.

France should show remorse for colonizing Algeria going as far as to turn it into a French department where that country’s indigenous Berber and Arab peoples were deprived of education and forced to bury their native tongues along with their religion.

Algerians don't speak Arabic anymore? Maybe someone should mention that to the French in Paris, who have to have Arab translators to talk to the Algerians living in the suburbs.

Britain and France should together apologize for the actions of Messrs Sykes and Picot, who peremptorily redrew Middle East borders in a back room of the House of Commons.

Yes. Lets just have Apologilooza IV! That will fix everything! Till next week, when the situation on the ground is the same. Perhaps while we're at it we should apologize for that whole socialism thing which wrecked so many Arab societies, like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, etc.

The Bush administration should apologize for invading Iraq on the false premise of weapons of mass destruction when as we now know “regime change” was on the cards 10 days after Bush took office.

We know that? Maybe it has something to do with "regime change" in Iraq being US policy since the mid 1990's. But how can she be expected to know that, since she's a moron.

The US has adopted a new style of imperialism, consisting of the spread of an insidious viral pop culture, threatening traditional mores, partnered with barely concealed self-interested geopolitical designs.

Well, Christina Aguilera is almost certainly viral, but at least Ms. Heard admits that our geopolitical designs are at least "barely concealed". I'll bet with a little digging she'll figure out that "IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE OIL!!!" and go to moonbattery level II. What till she finds out that Afghanistan was all about controlling the lapis lazuli supply, to corner the market in cheap blue jewelry.

Riddled with double standards, the US pointed its self-righteous finger at Iraq for ignoring UN Security Council resolutions, while its president threatened the UN with becoming an empty debating society if it didn’t do his bidding. And all the time, America extols the “virtues” of the world’s most proliferate international law breaker, Israel. The US and Israel share the same values, it says.

Would those be values like voting and not blowing up children to gain status in a death cult?

No doubt emboldened by America’s unflinching support, Israeli ambassadors go around demanding apologies from networks which dare to show atrocities perpetrated against Palestinians... and get them. Israel’s ambassador to Britain extracted an apology from Cherie Blair after she expressed her personal views concerning hopelessness felt by young Palestinians and the EU apologized for the results of a poll, which pointed to Israel as the greatest threat to world peace.

Oh, she's pissed now! People are running around apologizing for things she supports instead of flagellating themselves over diplomatic maneuvers of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Just recently the Israeli ambassador to Sweden took umbrage at a pro-Palestinian art exhibit resorting to violence to make his point, and was patted on the head by Ariel Sharon.

I'd like to buy him a beer for wrecking the sickest piece of art since the Nazi art collection was burned in 1945.

Since when is diplomacy about causing a potential death trap by ripping out electrical wires and hurling spotlights into fountains? Imagine the international uproar if an Arab ambassador had lost it over a pro-Israeli exhibit.

Note to moonbat. After you unplug a lamp, the electrons quit flowing. That's why the ambassador didn't get electrocuted when his hands were still on the lamp, dipshit. This bitch is too dumb to understand a light switch, much less propound on world affairs.

It is against this discriminatory background that Arabs should be judged. Although Arabs made their mark throughout the centuries, modern Arab states are relatively young. Only 84 years have passed since the Egyptian revolutionary Saad Zaghloul inspired the uprising against the British. Jordan became independent from Great Britain in 1946, while Algeria achieved its own hard won freedom from occupation as recently as 1962. Some of the Gulf states are even younger.

Oh, so the Arab culture just sprung up from nowhere. Interesting, considering they haven't changed significantly since the Abbassids, except for some disasters involving left wing socialism.

Strangely, however, the US and Britain are demanding Swiss-like precision, American-style economies and Danish human rights records in fledgling countries, conveniently forgetting that it wasn’t until 1928 that British women were enfranchised, while the southern American states maintained a policy of apartheid until the 1960s.

Oh, we might settle for getting rid of plastic shredders and suicide vests. It would be a good start.

It is certainly true that the Arab world has its fair share of problems and there are areas, which cry out for improvement. These changes will happen, as part of a process of natural evolution. In the meantime, there are enough critics out there intent on bashing Arab societies, culture and traditions, without any help from their masochistic Arab counterparts.

Natural evolution? Lilke self-reflection, analysis, and thought? Or does this moonbat think the only natural evolution is to become a self-loathing, whining, America-hating idiot like herself?

At a time when a separation wall is snaking through Palestinian lands and videos showing the cold-blooded killing of Iraqis whip around the Internet, their persuasive pens might be better employed.

I can hear her pounding on her keyboard, screaming at her computer "Get back to writing about killing the evil Jooooo, damnit!!! I'm your Occidental mentor and social superior!!! Obey me I say, you little stupid brown people! I have articles published in CounterPunch, AlterNet, and Al-Jazeerah!!! I am important, hear me roar!!!"

Unfortunately, the only people who listen to her over there end up carrying out suicide attacks or shooting children. But at least she has devoted followers. Maybe it would be easier just to eliminate the Al-Qaida leadership positions in our left-wing media, so the Arab press won't keep printing this garbage.

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reat post Geroge.. Glad to see you in the BLogosphere. Don't forget to join the Ecosytem. http://www.truthlaidbear.com/EcoFAQ.php

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I'm there! Just look up near the top, and scroll down a bit. Say, 2000 blogs or so down.

Posted by: George Turner at Jan 21, 2004 6:50:56 PM

i wish i had known early... you are now in my blogroll... let's get you up higher in the ranks...

Posted by: Aaron at Jan 21, 2004 11:46:57 PM