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January 22, 2004

Why They Hate Us IV

Yet another Canadian journalist pipes up in Islam Online.

US President George Bush’s January 20th State of the Union Address would have been a mockery of one’s intelligence were it not for the presence of Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) rotating president Adnan Al-Pachachi and so-called Iraqi Ambassador to the US Hend Francke-Raheem sitting on either side of Laura Bush. Their presence is revolting, indignant and a malicious sight, too hypocritical and callous to stomach.
Ok, forget any claim to objectivity in this piece, since the author is about to hurl because the Iraqi ambassador attended the SOTU address.
But let’s stop and consider that Francke-Raheem is a US citizen, not an Iraqi one; her loyalty is to the US Flag and her allegiance is to the US Constitution.
Let's not forget that the author is this piece is a Canadian, whose loyalty is to the Canadian flag, not to Iraq or the US, and who can't even get a simple name right. It's not "Hend Francke-Raheem". It's "Rend Rahim Francke", or "Rend al-Rahim Francke". With fact checking like that, I don't think we're dealing with a top notch journalist, or even a competent junior high school student. I wonder if he thinks the US President is John Bush Walker?
There is nothing Iraqi about her.
Let's have a look at her bio. " Rend Rahim Francke is a native of Iraq. She is a founder of the Iraq Foundation and has been its Executive Director since 1991. Under her management, the Foundation expanded its work and built its capacity, currently running three major Iraq-related projects with a total budget of $1.6 million in 2002." Nope. Aside from being a Cambridge educated Iraqi native who ran the "Iraq Foundation", there's not a thing Iraqi about her.
One may be dismayed that an American citizen is representing Iraq in the American capital, Washington D.C. But then again, in an age when media is twisted and contorted to make an ignorant audience believe anything, are we really surprised by these revelations?
Revelations??? Everyone already knows it except this Canadian twit! Woohoo! He's the last journalist to get the "scoop" and even then he gets the name and all the fact wrong.
As for Al-Pachachi, he is a British citizen, and his claims to being Iraqi are as legitimate as my claims to the throne of Denmark.
Al-Pachachi is also a former Iraqi ambassador and the former Iraqi Foreign Minister, so maybe Denmark should start checking some bloodlines.
What does ill one’s intellect and morality, however, is the fact that they are dwelling in the seat of a government that saw fit to instigate the most vicious and comprehensive sanctions regime in man’s history; the US-sponsored UN sanctions killed nearly 1.7 million Iraqis, including more than 500,000 children under the age of five as of 1996, according to the UN and World Health Organization (WHO). When called on to stand like the good lackey he is, Al-Pachachi received a standing ovation from House members and Senators in attendance.
Possibly because he's doing something instead of sitting on his ass in Canada, spinning conspiracy theories and barking at the moon.
Meanwhile, his country has been eternally decimated by cluster bombs (thousands still unexploded and unaccounted for) and depleted uranium remnants.
The cluster bombs can be a problem, but we didn't use very many, since the Iraqi army collapsed so quickly. And as for depleted uranium, obviously the author is suffering from lunacy, since our tanks use the stuff for armor.
No one is reporting on the cancerous side-effects and mutated birth defects in Iraqi children.
That's because eating DU at most will cause some heavy metal toxicity, not three armed monsters.
Or the increased infant mortality rate.
Now he's just making crap up. I suppose he thinks that actually having food and medicine makes the infant mortality rate go up.
Or the 30 percent decrease in drinkable water throughout Iraq since the removal of the Ba'athist regime.
We're running pipes all over the place, rebuilding the infrastructure on a massive scale. Under the Ba'athists, only 44% of rural Iraqis had potable water. Perhaps the Canadian Ba'athist journalist should read what's being done by US AID and evil companies like Bechtel.
Or the Iraqi civilians cut down by US troops on a daily basis. Or the closing of newspapers and magazines critical of US policy in Iraq.
We only close papers that advocate suicide bombings and genocide, not newspapers critical of our policy. Unlike his hero Saddam, we don't even execute journalists. Obviously this idiot doesn't even bother to read the Iraqi papers, or he'd know they bitch about everything, especially what they think we're doing wrong.
Or the fact that the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) ordered the IGC to stop counting Iraqi war dead. How can a government that claims to represent the people deny the dead their dignity by refusing to toll the war dead and/or the number of Iraqi civilians killed since April 9th?
Maybe by giving them the dignity to find their relatives amongst those 300,000 in Saddam's mass graves? Oh, but that would offend the author, so seems to be a die-hard supporter of Iraq's genocidal dictator.
Human rights organizations have accused both US forces and the IGC of gross human rights violations.
Yes, like stripping three thieves naked and making them run home. These are the same organizations which don't seem to take issue with summary executions of family members, as long as it's done by enlightened socialists, whereas evil capitalists are called on the carpet if someone's house is searched for guided missiles.
Is the IGC investigating? Has it even “asked” its US financiers why no one is held accountable? Is the IGC taking steps to prevent the imminent breakup of Iraq as the Kurds begin to slice up a greater chunk of the north for themselves?
Oops. And just like the Ba'athists, I'm sure the author would have no qualms about solving the Kurdish question once and for all.
Why are you standing and smiling Mr. Al-Pachachi? The Iraqi people demand answers to these questions.
It's not the Iraqi people making demands. It's idiot Ba'athist supporters hiding out in Canada.
But hold on, there was far more room for arrogance. Bush claimed that weapons of mass destruction-related programs were discovered by David Kay’s team of US inspectors in Iraq and that the war deprived Saddam of their use. Never mind that Iraq had neither the money, the technical expertise nor the commitment to pursue such programs.
I'm sure the Kurds would dispute that, especially after so many of them died from such non-existent weapons. Plus the Iraqi scientists who keep telling us they were waiting for the end of the sanctions to restart full production.
Bush spoke of Saddam’s killing fields and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis buried under the sand. Perhaps, Bush forgot to mention the tens of thousands of Iraqis who were bulldozed alive in their bunkers under his father’s tenure.
You mean there were tens of thousands of Iraqis packed defending a section of trench line only 200 feet wide? How did they all fit? They must be even dumber than Rachael Corrie, while smaller than an Oompa Loompa!
Many Iraqis know that Saddam had thousands disappear in the wake of the 1991 failed uprisings. But by the same account, many Iraqis know that many of the mass graves recently unearthed contain the bodies of Iraqi soldiers who were never given the chance to even surrender to the merciless coalition juggernaut.
You mean we advanced way past Baghdad in 1991 and nobody even found out about it? Kewl!
Then Bush insults all Iraqis by saying they ran when confronted by the might of the US army and chose instead to fight from the shadows. Oh, and lets not forget Bush’s insult to the world when he said the Americans are the hardest working people in the world. Work, in his mind, must mean taking the mineral wealth of others through belligerence and sleight of hand.
No, he actually meant work. I'm sure this author is completely unfamiliar with the concept, probably only ever employed as a paid shill of a genocidal maniac.

The author continues is idiotic, hate-filled, paranoid drivel for a while longer, but suffice it to say that if ever there was someone who'd qualify for the terms "useful idiot", "arrogant fool", or "tool", it's this Canadian dipshit. And remember, the Muslim press has to find such foaming anti-Western rhetoric in the West, among our liberal moonbats. Perhaps they wouldn't hate us so much if our liberals would quit filling their minds with hatred, stoked by articles such as this.

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Well, that's Canadian journalists for you. I guess they aren't actually required to research facts, spell correctly, or write coherently. Damn. I would apply, but I have the feeling that they probably give IQ tests and weed out those that above 75. Bummer.

Posted by: SwampWoman at Jan 24, 2004 1:03:21 AM