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February 19, 2004

A Goblin

My city recently had a firefighter murdered and another wounded while responding to an EMS call about an insane lunatic who had just shot his wife. The firemen were with the first responders. He opened up on them, shooting firefighter Jim Sandford in the head, who will recover, and fatally wounded Lieutenant Brenda Cowen. She was the city’s first female black firefighter, and by all accounts an inspiration to all.

As Fire Chief Bob Hendricks said: "She was the top of the line, the best at everything she did."

The goblin claimed to be leading a war against the clones.

On Friday, Hutchinson, 45, said he killed his wife because she, like billions of other Earthlings, had been taken over by alien clones. He also rambled about cobras, "panther-lions," "the tribe of the stick," Armageddon and UFOs.

They subdued him with tear gas and such after a six and a half hour standoff.

As he was arraigned yesterday, Hutchinson, arrested after a 6-1/2 hour standoff with police on Friday, was calm and polite to the judge.

Here’s the kicker. I’m told that Lt. Cowan wasn’t hit in any vital areas, and that she bled to death during the standoff. I’m not sure if this was before the police units arrived or not, but sometimes you just wish the cops carried enough firepower to level the goblin and his firing position. Unfortunately I guess they weren’t sure if his wife was still alive in the house.
Here are some pictures of the funeral. It was a doozy.

And here is a picture of the nut that did this.

hutchinson.jpg Portrait of a Goblin

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Looks like the cops did a thorough job of subduing this SOB. Good. I just wish they'd used a shotgun.

Posted by: SDN at Feb 21, 2004 5:07:19 PM