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February 29, 2004

Aristide Flees Haiti - Taking Last Relic of Clinton Legacy

He's gone. I'd blogged about the inevitability of this a little while ago.

President Jean-Bertrand Aristide resigned and flew into exile Sunday, pressured by foreign governments and a bloody rebellion.

Bye bye now!

The Marines were arriving Sunday afternoon, expected to be the first wave of a U.N.-backed international peacekeeping force. France also said it was considering sending troops.

Oh, I'm sure the Marines will scrupulously avoid making snarky comments, but I'm not so sure the Haitians will refrain.

The head of Haiti's supreme court said he was taking charge of the government, and a key rebel leader said he welcomed the arrival of foreign troops.

The foreign troops will make things a whole lot easier. For one thing they can no longer be blamed for supporting Aristide, unlike when Clinton had us propping up the Marxist bastard at a cost of $3 billion dollars.

"I think the worst is over, and we're waiting for the international forces. They will have our full cooperation," Guy Philippe told CNN.

Well, sounds like it will be a fairly friendly deployment then.

As he spoke, rebels rode through Cap-Haitien in trucks, waving at hundreds of people who danced and sang in the streets in celebration.

Oh, he sounds about as popular as Saddam, doesn't he?

It was the second time the 50-year-old former slum pastor fled his country. Aristide was ousted in a 1991 coup, months after he was elected president for the first time. He was restored to power three years later by U.S. troops.

That was Bill Clinton's primary foreign policy accomplishment, by the way. Bill was in Port-au-Prince side-by-side with Aristide as recently as April 2003, still mining that legacy for all it's worth. I guess now his legacy is just down to the damned blue dress.

President Bill Clinton sent 20,000 troops to restore Aristide but insisted he respect a constitutional term limit and step down in 1995.

But he promised! Golly he did! But nobody seems to know where he's fled to, exactly. On top of that, the whereabouts of his wife, who is a Hillary pal, are also a bit uncertain.

It was not clear where Aristide's wife was. The ex-president and Mildred Trouillot Aristide had sent their two daughters to her mother in New York City last week.

One obvious sign that Aristide isn't real bright is that he doesn't seem to know not to hide his daughters near the Clintons.

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