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February 21, 2004

Long Knives

Well, the extreme leftists at Counterpunch say Kerry: He's Peaking Already.

Right now some polls show Kerry a few points ahead of Bush. Other polls show Kerry peaked on February 15 and has started to slip behind Bush. The states that voted for Gore in 2000, according to a Zogby poll, are softer on Kerry while Bush states remain strong for their man. As yet Karl Rove has yet to launch the Shock and Awe barrage that will explode over Kerry's head some time in the late summer, after the Democrats have got their boost in Boston.

Gee, is this from CounterPunch or Blogs For Bush? Let me check again... Yep. Not only from CounterPunch, but by By ALEXANDER COCKBURN and JEFFREY ST. CLAIR, the two editors of CounterPunch. So this isn't just your typical moonbat dissent slipping through. This is coming from the people in charge of Moonbat Central, Oozing Dribble Division.

Rove's targeting plans will obviously include such easy, but telling hits as Kerry's support for Bush's tax cuts for the rich. (If elected President, according to the bean counters at Forbes', Kerry will be the third richest denizen of the Oval Office in American history.) Kerry voted for the Patriot Act and he voted for the '03 attack on Iraq.

Oh, I don't think Rove will be 'targeting' Kerry over supporting the Patriot Act or getting rid of Saddam. Flip-flopping on it later maybe, but probably not for voting for it. Just remember that Kerry has only three positions on most issues. Full support only during months that start with vowels. Full support only during months that start with consonants. Full support for anything that he or his rich family and cousins can profit from.

And this wasn't just a resigned Aye. Kerry was up there with Bush, Rumsfeld and Blair as a huckster for all the lies that have come home to haunt Washington. "These weapons represent an unacceptable threat", he bellowed last year. Not just nuclear weapons of mass destruction. "Iraq has some lethal and incapacitating agents and is capable of quickly producing and weaponizing a variety of such agents, including anthrax, for delivery on a range of vehicles such as bombs, missiles, aerial sprayers, and covert operatives which could bring them to the United States homeland."

Looks like the "Bush Lied! People Died!" crowd are going to have trouble if the Republicans can throw it back in their faces by saying the other candidate was saying exactly the same things. I think Nader has a pretty big wedge he can work with on that issue, at least amongst the people who road the short bus to school, who make up a surprisingly large percentage of Democrat voters.

The whole article is worth a look, because it means Nader supporters and the Deaniacs will be getting exposed to some extremely anti-Kerry, anti-McAuliffe messages, such as

...hunting down prospective Nader supporters, rounding up all known and prospective third party defectors from the Democratic standard, forcing them to kneel and kiss the Democratic Party platform under pain of death, while playing a tape of DNC chair Terry McAuliffe screaching "convert or die!"

I think the Democrats internal struggles are going to be far, far bloodier this year than in 2000, when Al Gore was viewed more as ho-hum, same old, same old. In short, a Clinton light with half the scandals. This time the long knives seem to be out for Kerry. Of course, John Kerry is extremely proficient with the long knives, having twice said TWA flight 800 was a terrorist attack, apparently as a dig at Al Gore, who refused to upgrade aircraft safety after taking big campaign bucks from the airlines.

The paper traced that failure to a series of campaign donations from the airlines to the Democratic National Committee in 1996 in the wake of the crash of TWA Flight 800, donations likely solicited by Al Gore himself. That newspaper just happened to be John Kerry's hometown Boston Globe.

Absolutely ruthless, isn't he? How would you like to have a guy like this possess actual power?

But John Kerry seems to have his sights on Al Gore's Achilles heel. After the events of Sept. 11, the story of how Al Gore helped subvert the investigation into TWA 800 and undermine airport security is a career-killer.

Gore was supposed to come public once again this September with a critique of Bush's domestic agenda. He has not. The events of Sept. 11 have caused him to reconsider. Kerry's "slips" may make that reconsideration permanent. Just by hinting that he knows the story, Kerry may be able to put Gore out of the race even before he gets in. Maybe even Hillary too.

This is why we believe John Kerry has been talking about TWA 800 – and may not have to talk about it any more.

Youch! The long knives were out long before Dean screamed his way to the forefront, and then plummeted to earth in a fireball. Yet Gore wasn't nearly the first to feel his knife digging deep into his back. The soldiers serving in Vietnam, and especially the POWs over there, got to feel Kerry's cold metal blade back when the war was still going on.

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kerry sure is a snake, it seems everything he's done is a lie.
And he ugly too.

Posted by: Fat Guy at Feb 24, 2004 11:37:51 AM