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March 30, 2004

Linda Heard Spouts Again

The Arab News of Saudi Arabia has printed yet another mindless article by the dumb communist twit Linda Heard. Interestingly, in all the talk about the radical Islamic message coming from the Middle East, her blather is even more extremist, anti-American, anti-Western, and pro-genocide. I’ve Fisked her many times before, as I did here, and she’s always a fount of stupidity and self-hatred. Let’s look at what she has to say today.

BEIRUT, 30 March 2004 — What’s going on? The Arabs are being “ordered” to democratize or else by men in suits thousands of miles across several oceans, in some cases.

We’re all the way across several oceans now? Is there someplace farther away than all the way across the Atlantic in one direction and the Pacific in the other, or did she twiddle away counting the Mediterranean and Indian Oceans? Does she have a point when she tosses in cute things like that, or is it an idiot moonbat thing?

One Arab country is groaning under the occupation of up to 150,000 foreigners in boots and tin hats, while the Palestinians, as always, are being assassinated at the whim of the “Butcher of Beirut” and suspected grafter, and left wandering around the rubble of their demolished homes — and all those men in suits can say from their comfortable leather chairs in climate-controlled network studios is: Stop the Terror! And they are referring to Arab terror. Eh?

A 75 word sentence, Eh? Maybe these new un-diagrammable sentences are some sort of defense against Fisking, but more likely they simple reflect a complete ineptitude with the English language. Nevertheless, I’ll make an attempt at delving into this mass of incoherent clauses and see if I can pull out enough meaning to serve as scaffolding for a refutation. But before I continue let me say “Stop the Drivel! Stop the Stupidity!”

First, we wear boots because we know how to make shoes. In European martial arts dating back to medieval times our primary kicks where delivered with the toe instead of the side of the foot, as is common in many Asian martial arts, because Europeans since then have always worn some form of stiff shoe or boot, where toe kicks provide the most damage.

Second, our hats are not tin, nor are they the stamped steel helmets worn by the Iraqis. A liberal probably wouldn’t know the difference between tinfoil and a PASGT Kevlar helmet, so maybe such total ignorance of reality should be forgiven. As an aside, the Marines are currently switching to a new lightweight helmet that can directly stop a 9mm round, due to be introduced this summer, so Linda can bitch and whine about those Americans in their brand spanking new ultra-advanced helmets that embody more technology than an Iraqi Scud. More on the Marine helmet is here, and more on the US Army’s new MICH helmet is here. Tin helmet my ass.

As for her insinuations about “Butcher of Beirut” and suspected grafter, need we remind her that the “Butcher” was in Baghdad, and did a hell of a lot worse than some graft. He put 400,000 people into mass graves, having Arab children shot in the back of the head. But of course in her world that’s a plus. The Iraqis unfortunate enough to attract his attention certainly weren’t left to wander about the rubble of their destroyed homes. They were buried with a backhoe or shredded, bagged, and dumped. Of course sometimes they were thrown off buildings, beheaded, electrocuted, set on fire, rigged with dynamite and detonated, or beaten with sledgehammers, which would probably be a nice fate for Linda Heard for egging on such things.

The Arab League has lost its credibility, not only vis-à-vis its dealings with the non-Arab world, but also among its own members because there is now a fundamental division. Some Arab states are joined at the hip with Pennsylvania Avenue, either because they have been intimidated or due to political or financial self-interest, while others don’t want foreigners in stripy suits and Harvard (or is it Yale?) ties telling them what to do.

Some Arab states realize that tyranny and theocracy aren’t going to make it in the modern world, while some still cling to such power in the absence of any other past experience. So perhaps they should continue to listen the the Harvard men instead of the unwashed drug-addled patchouli-cented losers in birkenstocks and tie-dyed T-shirts.

Arabs on the street are generally bemused, frustrated and struggle with feelings of impotence as their leaders appear to lack focus, unity and direction.

The only change over the past 1400 years is that now the Arabs on the street notice the situation.

Those basic feelings of injustice and helpless are pushing some — a very few — into the arms of extremists.

Then why aren’t we losing skyscrapers to non-Muslim terrorists from Central America, South America, India, Eastern Europe, Africa, or the Pacific? Could there be something to “Kill all the infidels! Kill all the Westerners! Kill all the Jews!” No, just couldn’t be. Not in her little world.

But this is something the current US administration refuses to contemplate, let alone acknowledge.

Maybe because it’s stooopid. The hijackers come from relatively well-off families, even rich families, in Saudi Arabia and Northern California. A mantra of the left is that poverty causes crime, which begs the question of how we're so rich now, with our crime rate what it is, when their theory would project that crime rates would be immeasurably higher the further back you go in the past. The Great Depression did not have a 20,000% murder rate. Sorry, but there it is.

As far as it is concerned, a person wakes up in the morning, sips his coffee and decides to embark upon a career path of terrorism for terrorism’s sake.

Actually, the seem to first go to a liberal Western college where professors tell them that all the Arab world’s problems are caused by evil Americans and Jews, and then they shotgun a latte and go off on their explosive career paths.

In the West, especially in the US and Britain, a section of the population — which once associated Arabs with petroleum, olives, camels and T.E. Lawrence, as if that wasn’t bad enough — now believe that Arabs and Muslims sit around hatching nefarious plans to take over the world and proclaim it an Islamic Caliphate.

Maybe because we keep hearing Muslim sermons laying out their nefarious plans to take over the world and proclaim it an Islamic Caliphate, no?

I know because I’ve got a stack of e-mails to prove it. They invariably end off with the hope that I “end up in a burka” or have my hands “chopped off”. There is so much ignorance about the Arab world out there, and, frankly this is just as much the fault of the Arabs as it is the Western media, and in some instances, governmental spin machines.

It’s also the fault of people like Linda Heard who patronizingly distort the Arabs into her own little brown dolls, striping them of anything that doesn’t match her preconceptions of what a poor, innocent, ignorant, and oppressed people are supposed to be like.

Most Arabs, from the wealthy down to a Cairo doorman know all about the West, as amazingly even the poorest have satellite dishes these days.

Al-Jazeera has about 35 million Arabic speaking viewers, so yes, 3.5% means 100% in the world of liberal innumeracy. In the more affluent Arab countries 1 in 4 households has a satellite dish, but somehow she thinks ALL of them do, even the poorest Arabs in the poorest Arab countries. Nice fantasy world.

As soon as they turn on the sets, they are bombarded with glossy Hollywood movies and television series, and those who speak English, can switch between CNN, Fox, the BBC and Sky News at will. But where do the Westerners get their feel for the Arab world? Where is the promised Arab English-language satellite network? Why aren’t there any movies about Arab concerns, lifestyle, culture, traditions etc. in English? All Westerners see on their screens are scenes like the WTC imploding on Sept. 11, teenage Palestinian boys wearing suicide belts or would-be hooded martyrs.

We don’t watch Arab TV for the same reason we don’t watch French TV. It’s not because we don’t like being informed. It’s because we don’t like to watch programs that absolutely suck. Did she watch any Iraqi TV? I loved the Saddam sing-and-dance shows. Absolutely loved them.

I’ve spent much of my adult life living and working in the Middle East, the Gulf and North Africa and I’ve never met anyone who wants to “kill the infidel” or “take over the world”.

She’s spent much of her adult life thinking like a child, but that’s another issue. But point conceded. We don’t have to live in fear of the bellhops at the particular hotels that she stayed at, unless perhaps he bellhops were less than forthcoming about their wish to kill her. A wish that would no doubt be quite strong, if not overwhelming.

On the contrary, I’ve met with warmth, hospitality, generosity and human, all too human, kindness.

Our soldiers are saying the same thing about the Iraqis they meet, who are incredibly grateful for our ousting Saddam.

Most ordinary Arabs are concerned with making ends meet, taking care of their families, and educating their children, like all of us on this one planet.

You can say the same about the Germans and Japanese in WW-II. It doesn’t mean that there weren’t evil things afoot.

There is anti-American feeling throughout, but this isn’t caused by an inherent hatred for Western values or freedoms, as George W. Bush is so fond of portraying. It’s because of America’s bias toward Israel — as it proved once again when vetoing a recent UN resolution condemning the assassination of Sheikh Yassin — its profiling of Arabs and Muslims in the US, its flouting of human rights at Guantanamo Bay, and its invasion of Iraq on the false pretext of WMD.

Yawn. Another ignorant supporter of Palestinian terrorism, dead children, and genocide stumps for more death, more fear. Will they ever learn?

Is this a manifestation of the “Clash of Civilizations” Samuel Huntington — a Harvard academic infamous for portraying Islam as the biggest danger to global stability — wrote about? Is this the Judeo-Christian world against Islam? Or vice-versa? I don’t think so. I believe it’s down to the root of all evil — money. It’s the haves who want more than they already have at the expense of the have-nots. How is that?

Good question. Whenever a Marxist moonbat is confronted with absolute evil, they can’t blame socialism, national socialism, or communism, despite these systems having killed about 170 million people in the last century, outside of war. They’ve always got to go back to the Marxist Mantra for Medicated Mendicants and blame money, usually Jewish money, shortly followed by blaming Jews for all the world’s problems. It’s all that they know how to do.

Do a little detective work here. Who stands to gain from and endless war policy, and especially when those conflicts are centered around and oil-and-gas rich region?

Whenever a moonbat plays the “Who stands to gain” card, you know they’ve slipped off the deep-end into paranoid anti-Semitic NAZI conspiracies. “Who stands to benefit from 9/11? -- Israel”, “Who benefits from Afghanistan? – Jewish Neocons.” “Who stands to benefit from Iraq? -- big oil.” “Who benefits from the Holocaust? – Jewish currency speculators” etc. etc. etc.

Think weapons manufacturers, the aviation industry, and Western energy sectors. Think companies like Halliburton, Bechtel, Dyncorp, Stevedoring Services of America, International Resources Group, and Carlyle... most of all Carlyle. On behalf of this company the father goes around paving the way for military contracts, while the son rubber-stamps the policy. There has got to be something wrong with this scenario. If the allegations are true, even UN administrators have been caught with their hands in the Iraq cookie jar.

Note how she hurled paranoid accusations exactly as I predicted. She is beyond all hope of reason, enmeshed in her paranoid fantasies about Jewish capitalist oppressors. She’s even thrown the “aviation industry” into the list of suspects. I suppose that everytime an airliner slams into a building an airline has to order a new Boeing, in theory, but I kind of doubt that it’s all a plot by Boeing to sell extra airliners. To her, however, this would make perfect sense. But at least she admitted that the UN administrators had their “hand in the Iraq cookie jar”. Now she needs to go further and admit that they were actively complicit in genocide.

It is my belief the Israel-Palestine conflict is being deliberately kept on the boil. Let’s face it. If the Arabs ever did shake hands with the Israelis in good faith, and a genuine peace were to prevail throughout the region, what a political and economic powerhouse that would be. And what influence would the men in suits have then? Against Israel’s military capability and Arab wealth, not much.

Arab wealth? We’re talking about an incredibly poor region, in case she didn’t notice. The entire Arab world has less non-petroleum exports than Norway. The Arabs are accutely aware of this, but she is not. And to propose that Israel could stand up against Western powers militarily (aside from France and Germany) is a stretch. Israel can’t engage counties armed with long-range nuclear missiles in an all-out fight, but somehow she thinks we must be fucking things up to keep from being invaded by Israeli armies. That conspiracy is so daft as to be beyond the realm of the absurd. The reason the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is kept boiling is that the PLO, Hamas, and Hezbollah blow up a bus every time it looks like there might be progress, since their entire power structure derives from the current situation. They can’t survive in an environment of peace. Now they’ve gone so far as to have created a total death cult amongst the Palestinian youth, and they lost the power to stop the cycle of suicide bombings. The future of Palestinians has been ceded to the dumbest of the 17 years old suicidal males that Palestinians produce.

As for us ordinary mortals, we are just dispensable cogs in the wheel of big business.

Well, actually some of us produce outputs, but others like Linda just ride on the wagon and suck off the government tit. Stirring up trouble and stoking hatred because they don’t have the necessary skills to flip a burger.

Ours not to reason why. It’s about time, though, that we did.

The left hasn’t tried to use reason in decades. Attempts to reconcile leftist theory with historical facts just results in a rejection of leftism, so everytime a leftist pulls it off you just end up with a new conservative. So I’m not going to hold my breath and wait for her to start something that she has to pretend hasn't been attempted before. It's kind of like all the socialists who keep running around claiming we need to try socialism because nobody has tried it before. You don't know whether they're that ignorant and stupid or just badly deluded or evil.

And, no, I am not a pinko-commie tree-hugging liberal. Capitalism definitely has its good points.

She just contradicted just about every word she’s ever written, which are published in all the standard Marxist publications.

Wealth is good, megawealth is even better, but — and this is a big but — not when it is forcibly grabbed by the few who send their forces into foreign lands and care not a jot about the piles of bodies they leave in their wake, as their dollars pile up in their numbered accounts.

Well, now she’s gone off and committed slander. Does she know of a single numbered account? No. Does she know of any dollars piling up? No. Yet these things must be happening in some parallel universe or her worldview will be exposed as completely moronic and invalid, which it is. The pile of 400,000 bodies was piled up by Saddam. The even bigger pile of bodies stems from her cute little NGO’s stopping third world countries from using any DDT, which is killing about 3 million children a year. Does she give a shit? Obviously not.

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"Does she have a point when she tosses in cute things like that, or is it an idiot moonbat thing?" It's an idiot moonbat thing. She pisses me off more than Zogby, and that's not easy.

Posted by: Jane at Mar 30, 2004 10:14:37 PM

Another thing that irritates me is how she's always hectoring Muslims to kill more Westerners, blaming them for failing to create enough bloodshed.

Posted by: George Turner at Mar 31, 2004 4:54:23 PM


As a long time US expat living in Saudi for almost 20 years - I've had my fill of both Arab News and Linda "Tokyo Rose" Heard.

I can't even eat my lunch in peace without seeing her annoying / adolescent remarks smeared all over the daily papers here.

She's always on the prowl for western conspiracies in the middle east - but conveniently "too busy" to write any condemning articles on local, clearly non-western, outrages like Darfur and Mr. Bashir throwing out aid workers whenever it suits him.

Her partner in crime, Lord Haw Haw (Barbara Ferguson) is likewise conveniently silent at times such as these.

Both Ms. Heard & Ferguson are essentially emotional children - and worse sycophants to their employers at Arab News - who are all to happy to pay any western reporter willing to bash the west.

Now for some real news - after 20 years in Saudi - I can confirm that Stockholm syndrome clearly exists here.

Bored and frustrated western expat housewives, moving with their husbands to the desert kingdom - often identify perversely with anything outside their own culture.

Fawning over everything Arab - conveniently forgetful of the Darfur's in their own back yard - these women ofter appear in the Arab News dressed up in Habaya and always busily seeking newspaper appearances - trying to be seen as building bridges to the local population.

These self appointed ambassadors are plum pickings for the Saudi press - and these poor hapless souls have no idea how obsequious they look.

Desert Rat in Riyadh

Posted by: anonymous for a reason at Mar 21, 2009 3:08:34 AM

you right-wingers are at it again...did you learn anything since 2004....maybe in September 2008 when your idols on Wall Street were jumping our of windows...

Posted by: George at Jan 14, 2010 9:10:03 AM