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March 31, 2004

The DU on Fallujah

Regarding the brutal murder and mutilation of the contractors in Fallujah, Democratic Underground is on top of the story.

damn the iraqis?

they didn't create this anymore than we did. anyway the whole thing is sad. this isn't how people should live and to think it never occurs to the chimpster -- something is wrong with this picture.

Boy, some deep thought there. The killers in Falluja have merely been forced to slow down their reign of murder. They’ve been killing innocent people like this for decades, only now it’s on camera.

Ummm are you talking about Afghanistan?

sorry to rain on your rant.. but Iraq, before it was bombed into the stone age, was actually filled with many middle class families. They had symphonies, universities, tea rooms, it was a thriving country. There were pockets of religious zealots (gosh, much like here!), but it was NOT the stone age.. AND there were NO suicide bombers. UNTIL we destroyed their lives and their infrastructure. You appear to be describing Afghanistan perhaps... a country that is now the model of what happens when greedy, arrogant people like us use their country for decades of self-serving battles.

Sorry to rain on Caliphoto’s rant, but we barely bombed Iraq because the we ended it so quickly. Prior to the war Iraq was still a basket-case, with tens of thousands of children dying because of Saddam’s starvation policy, as the UN bureaucrats looted the country dry. Caliphoto doesn’t seem to mention those 400,000 Iraqis in the mass graves, so maybe he thinks they’re out listening to the symphony or something.

Devils Advocate, NZ
No, damn the corporate whores who are in Iraq to rape the corpse of Iraqi soveriegnty.

The Iraqis had NO CHOICE but to be on the business end of "Shock and Awe" - These foreigners had EVERY choice not to participate in the pillaging of Iraq's wealth.

We didn’t hit Falluja with Shock and Awe. Sorry, but this is one of the cities where the Ba’athist support came from. These are the people who used to run the death camps.

It is called reaping the whirlwind

These guys were working for the invader, they should accept the
risks of being in a war zone on the side of the aggressor and occupier.
Got killed? Tough luck!
It beats being on the side of the Ba’athist SS, which is what the average DU poster supports.

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Wonder what the odds are that both of these kids are still in college. And, that they aren't working their way through- they are either on student loans or their parents are paying for it...

Posted by: sleepy at Apr 2, 2004 1:17:03 PM