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June 02, 2004

Saudi Prince Calls for Jihad, Against Jihadis

Don't miss this MEMRI article.

In it Prince Bandar Abu Sultan bin Abd Al-'Aziz, Saudi ambassador to the US, address the topic of the Saudi's own war on terror and the need to ruthlessly hunt down and eliminate terrorists. This is some of the brightest news I've heard in a long while, because if the Arabs start going after the terrorists from both the state and the mosque then the task of creating a safer world will be infinitely easier.

"War, ultimately, means tragedy, pain, and sacrifice. The harder, faster, more determinedly, and more aggressively a war is fought, the fewer the casualties. But basically this depends, except for the fact that success is in the hands of Allah, on whether there is general mobilization for war. I personally think that both the [Saudi] state and citizens have not yet reached that important, basic, and necessary stage for [them to be able] to win the war. This means general mobilization for war in thought and in deed, as individuals and as a whole, in the media and in the culture – a mobilization of all state institutions and the private sector towards this goal, and viewing everything in life based [on the premise that] we are at war…"

And Arab state fully mobilizing to eliminate terrorists, in thought and deed? What a turn of events this could be, and this is in the heartland of Wahabism.

'War Means War, Not Boy Scout Camp'

"Victory in this war will come first and ultimately through trust in Allah. After that, it will be a result of conducting this war against those who are deviating [from the religion] – the khawarij and the traitors to their faith, their families, and their land – [the conducting] of a war in the full sense of the word.

He's calling for a jihad against the jihadis, with the full fury of Islam. Maybe Kerry should shut up about the need to crack down on the Saudi government, since from the look of things he'd spend any potential "Kerry administration" decrying their abusive crushing of terrorists.

"War means war. It does not mean Boy Scout camp. It is a war that does not mean delicacy, but brutality. This is war that cannot be conducted based on calling those who deviate [from the religion] good people who were careless, but based on [calling them] terrorists and aggressors with whom there can be no compromise.

Not exactly a French response, is it? I mean, it sounds so simplisme.

"Either we, as a state and as a people, are believers, and we are right – and therefore fighting and killing the [terrorists] is a commandment aimed at defending our monotheistic religion and our dear people – or they, Heaven forfend, are the believers, and we, as a state and as a people, are the mistaken ones, and they have the right to kill us – women, children, elderly, and our guests.

"If we [decide upon one] of the options, the picture will become clearer, and we will be divided into two parts: The first [part includes those] who are with us, as a Muslim state ruling according to the law of Allah, and as a people believing in the law of Allah and in the way [Sunnah] of His Prophet. The second [part includes] those who deviate from the religion."

Isn't it amazing that Bush, a Christian, and the Prince, a Muslim, have reached the same clear conclusion? Perpetual French navel gazing might keep much of old Europe from being able to see the obvious, but to many in the rest of the world the obvious is just obvious. It's us against the forces of evil, and you're either with us or against us.

Go read the rest of it, with headings like

'The Clerics Must Call for the Ruler to Declare Jihad Against the Deviants'

'The Problem is the Deviants' Victory Over Us [Today], as a State and as a People, Through Excess, Extremism, and Killing'

'Enough Blaming Others When the Reason Lies Within Our Own Ranks'

'We Must All Obey the Honored Directive of Allah, and Kill Those Who Spread Corruption in the Land'

I'd say Al-Qaeda might be in for some serious trouble.

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It's bullshit.

Posted by: NC3 at Jun 2, 2004 7:59:51 PM

Possibly. It might also be the beginning. Primitive religions are pretty good at marshalling the troops. I'm not holding my breath, but if some Saudi imams start calling the terrorists out, that would be something.

Of course, they could just be mad for them being sloppy about killing muslims in Saudi Arabia. If terrorists go back to killing Americans it might not be a problem with them.

Posted by: Brock at Jun 2, 2004 8:10:49 PM

I'd agree that it was bullshit if it had been published in Arab News or another English-language Saudi publication. This looks like it's one of MEMRI's translations, which says "Arabic publication" to me. It was actually written for an Arabic audience, which strikes me as an unlikely forum for lets-BS-the-Anglos happytalk.

Even if it is that schmuck Bandar.

Posted by: Mitch H. at Jun 3, 2004 2:30:33 PM

I believe the Saudi's as much as I believe Arrafat, They always say one thing and do another.

Posted by: Jack at Jun 3, 2004 5:47:24 PM

Psst---What he didn't say is that the jihadis are zionists.

Posted by: Mike H. at Jun 3, 2004 10:48:45 PM

No guys you are completly wrong..i am a saudi girl and believe me we are all sad of what happened and what those stupid people did is unexaptable at all.. we are sad for all the people that had been killed and when i say all i mean muslims and christians and u know what let the prince say whatever he want to say i don't care all i know is what we people feel here.. me my family my friends we realy hate those stupid religious people i mean if they mind their own business and leave us alone that is ok but they don't.. i realy don't know why don't they just stay in the caves of afghanistan and leave us alone what the hell do they want?! and this stupid BinLaden what the hell does he want.. to be our king?! F him we don't like him .. what does he think ? that his islam is right and we are all wrong ?!!! well i was born as a muslim girl as many people as well and we don't think his way.. why is he making such a big deal about it ?!!!

Posted by: Suzanna at Jun 9, 2004 5:33:37 AM

is this the right spelling ? unacceptable ? lol

Posted by: Suzanna at Jun 9, 2004 5:42:18 AM

"Unacceptable" is the correct spelling, but your English is still better than many of the liberal trolls here, who are native speakers!

I'm sure the Prince is now taking the attacks as a personal threat to the kingdom, and his own family's power, so he's likely to be a little over the top in calls to fight Al-Qaeda and other terrorists. But everyone in the region is under a bit of personal threat, since many of the terrorists have taken part of their thought from earlier Muslim jihadis who responded to the Tatar invasions by essentially saying to not only kill the Tatars, but any Muslim who traded with them, and even Muslims who may have, on the theory that if you kill everyone Allah will sort out the good Muslims from the bad ones.

There were some European Christian generals in the middle ages (war of the roses, or some such thing) who expressed a similar attitude, saying "Kill 'em all. God will know which ones are his." Fortunately we've moved beyond such barbarity, or at least trying to use religion to justify it.

Posted by: George Turner at Jun 9, 2004 1:56:17 PM

George here. As if by magic, I replaced Bob's nice article with a link to it.

Use [a href="URL" target="blank"]link name[/a] where braces are replaced by less than and greater than. It saves time and space.

Posted by: Bob at Jun 14, 2004 12:44:13 PM

Al-Qaida is led by a maglomaniac serial killers! While. the Abbasids, Zangi, Saladdin, the Great Moghuls, spearheaded eras of great Cultural, Commerce, and Scientific developments from which the world has immensely benefited, Omar Khayyam, Rumi, Muhammad Iqbal, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, King Faisal, Anwar Sadat, were men of great acheivements.... modern world Muslim leadders such as Dr Muhammad Mahatir, the Al-Nayyans, the Al-Maktoums, King Abdullah, the and General Pervaze Musharaff, are men of great vision who have steered and natured their nations away from the hell pits of fanatacism and lunacy. Usama and his henchmen are the Charles Mansons, Jack the Rippers, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot of history.... they are mass murderers...Islam firbids even prisoners of war from being killed and to be treated with dignity.... the Al-Qaida are parasites and the contagions who belong in the depths of hell...YES they are a the actually the bastardly followers of the comming Anti-Christ (the Dajal)....I pray to Allah All Mighty that every single one of you is hunted down like in the Red Mosque siege in Islamabad.... Where does it say that holding 4,000 women and 4~5 year old children is permitted?????? You bastards are depraved sons of incestuous copulations....May you be dammed for eternity in the fires of hell.

Posted by: Omar Hasan at Jul 21, 2007 8:45:55 AM