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June 02, 2004

Vietnam's Vitamins

Here's an example in the UK Telegraph of just how bad Vietnam still is, almost 30 years after the war.

Every baby and toddler in Vietnam is to receive large regular doses of vitamin A as part of a plan to combat malnutrition and make the population taller.

The average Vietnamese man in his early twenties is 5ft 4in, but Nguyen Cong Khan, director of the National Institute of Nutrition in Hanoi, hopes that will increase by as much as two inches over the next two decades.

Vietnamese born and raised in the US are much, much taller than those back home, and when they go to visit they look just like those "gigantic Americans".

This is a very long-term strategy of our government and party to deal with population quality," he said. "We think we can achieve a sustainable and significant improvement in the height of the Vietnamese.

Like typical follower of Marxist dogma he thinks his country has an issue with "population quality", as if they're just a herd of serfs. Yet you'd think that anyone who actually cared about "the children" would've made sure all the kids could get vitamins decades ago. In a capitalist system the mothers would of course be free to buy such things just as we do, but then we're talking Vietnam. In 1971 John Kerry said "We found most people didn't even know the difference between communism and democracy." I guess they're all too aware of the difference now, aren't they John?

Dr Khan said Vietnam's national sports committee backed the plan because its athletes, despite their ability and efforts, were hampered in international contests by their physical size.

"In football and other sports there is not very high achievement," he said. "People think that Vietnam should have better scores. I think it's very reasonable."

And there you have socialism in a nutshell. The people suffer from endemic malnutrition unless some socialist big wig complains that the national sports teams are being hurt. John Kerry may be a big advocate for Hanoi, but the Vietnamese people are the ones to suffer for it.

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Regarding Vietnamese stature.

Dat Nguyen is the starting middle linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. His stats are excellent and he has been on the short list for the Pro Bowl the last three years.

He is a US citizen, born in the refugee camp at Fort Chafee, Ark. His parents are both Vietnamese.

The American diet, rich in protein, continues to prove itself as the best to grow on.


Posted by: Rich at Jun 2, 2004 10:36:47 PM

Rich -

Actually recent research suggests that some (certainly not all) European countries are doing a better job of providing nutrition. The average height for males in the Netherlands has reached 6'1", while the US has remained at 5'10" for some time. (I speculate that their below replacement birth rate allows them to spend more per child on healthcare, but that's just a guess.)

But we're obviously worlds better than Vietnam. My point doesn't change the basic point of the post, or yours. Better nutrition and better healthcare are achieved under democracy than communism.

Posted by: Brock at Jun 3, 2004 12:20:11 PM

how sad, a whole country thrown to the communist wolves so asshat western leftists could feel warm and fuzzy inside, while parasitically indulging in all the fruits of the west that they helped to deny those enslaved by thier communist utopian dream world

Posted by: rumcrook at Jun 3, 2004 12:28:35 PM

Brock, the people in the Netherlands are just getting to the height Scandinavian Americans have had for about a century. Blacks are also taller than the average American, so I doubt it's due purely to nutrition or health care.

I blogged it here.

Posted by: George Turner at Jun 3, 2004 2:20:20 PM

As usual the whole business is stupid. A megadose of a single vitamin (A or any other) every six months is more likely to kill the kids rather than make them tall.

Rice and fish heads do not make a sumo wrestler.

Posted by: Uncle Bill at Jun 3, 2004 3:40:39 PM

They get to eat fish heads, too? Boy, the graciousness of the party is unbounded.

Posted by: George Turner at Jun 3, 2004 3:57:13 PM

Ah yes, the benefits of communism, just think, we too could have these benefits if we would only get Kerry or McCain in the Whitehouse. Hilary could be the commissar of food distribution, to be fed only if you're a good party member of course.

Posted by: Jack at Jun 3, 2004 5:41:55 PM

George, Brock, a large genetic share of the American population comes from the Saxon and Celtic populations of Europe. This also includes the French, as ancient Gaul was a Romanized Celtic province. I think I remember reading that both populations were "small" in stature, so the "average" height could just be our genetic inheritance.

Anyone else have thoughts on the subject.


Posted by: Rich at Jun 3, 2004 8:00:46 PM

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