June 05, 2004

Reagan and Casey

Prior to the demise of the Soviet bloc the left wing pundits had always argued that the Soviet system was comparable to our own, indeed possessing some advantages due to their centrally planned economy, instead of the chaos of the market. Reagan called the Soviets an Evil Empire and he was dismissed by academics and intellectuals as being a simplistic cowboy. Well the cowboy won, because he was right. He was the first President to take the position that the Soviet government had no legitimate right to rule anyone, and the first to say the US policy should be to eliminate them instead of containing them. He used a wide arsenal of tools to achieve this goal.

Some of what Reagan did was simple, yet masterful, such as playing up that cowboy image. The reason he did is because when he was first campaigning our people in Moscow found out he terrified the Russian generals, with all of his cowboy talk and SDI, so Reagan always played to that image. Many Democrats still derisively refer to him as "the cowboy" without realizing he had a reason and a purpose for it. We wanted their generals shaking in their boots.

After being elected in a landslide he put William Casey in charge of the CIA, and that was a very important decision. Unlike other CIA chiefs Casey wasn't focused on improving or streamlining the agency, or expanding its budget, or increasing its influence. To Casey the CIA was his personal tool to devote to the destruction of the Soviet Union. But what Casey found was an agency that wasn't producing the information he needed. They had all sorts of data on Soviet tank production and missile ranges, but almost nothing on how the Soviet economy actually functioned. What kept them afloat?

Reagan tasked Casey to figure out how the Soviet system really worked, and after pouring over everything he and Reagan realized that it was just a mafia, producing little of value and depending almost entirely on hard currency from the West to stay afloat. The intellectuals and academics could expound all day long on the glories of socialism, but Reagan and Casey saw it for what it was - an organized crime syndicate that had to prey on the productive to get revenue.

Reagan also noted that the Soviets were good at turning out endless numbers of tanks, but not nearly as good at innovation and high-technology. They lagged badly in computers and advanced electronics. So he put emphasis on our technological superiority, knowing that the only way for them to match it would be to loosen the reigns on their system. As we later learned, their system couldn't easily survive such a move, and Perestroika led to their collapse.

A counterpart to making them spend more on defense was cutting their revenue, which primarily came from just four things; oil, natural gas, diamonds, and gold. So we sent Casey over to talk to the Saudis about the extremely high price of oil common during the Carter era. The Soviets were in Afghanistan and the Saudis felt threatened by that, along Saddam Hussein's growing arsenal of Soviet weapons and the ongoing war with Iran. The Saudi's enemies were our enemies, and whereas our enemies benefited from high oil prices, Saudi Arabia's friends benefit from low oil prices. We made it clear that the best strategic move for the Saudis was to let oil prices plummet. They did, and at one point the price was so low that George W Bush flew to Saudi Arabia to scream at them about the vast damage being done to Texas, which couldn't compete with their cheaper oil. He was dressed down for that when he got home.

The Soviets were at the time building a two-strand natural gas pipeline to Germany, and if they finished it their hard currency revenues would double. Reagan devoted himself to stopping it. First he got the Europeans to agree to limit it to a single strand gas pipeline, which was a brutally won argument. Then he forbade General Electric from building the pumps for it, and they were the only company that could. The French got pissy and said that their own division would build it, and Reagan told them that no company with access to US technology would help them, or else. The ensuing head butting contest nearly broke up the NATO alliance, and pundits were apoplectic. Reagan didn't care, however, and the Russians had to look elsewhere for pumps. So GE allowed a carefully flawed set of plans float out into the world, and the Russians snapped them up and built the massive, but critically flawed, pumping stations themselves. The turbines worked fine in testing, but as soon as they were hit with a full load at full speed the blades sheared off, completely destroying the station in a massive fireball. One Russian general said they lost billions. We started doing this kind of thing to them a lot, leaking out design after design of factories and computers that wouldn't quite work.

We also talked to the South Africans about cutting gold and diamond prices, since they had problems with Cubans in Angola. The South Africans let the diamond and gold prices fall dramatically, and there went much of the rest of Soviet revenue. Then we funded insurgents in Afghanistan, and Casey even ran operations into the southern Soviet Union, where the Islamic freedom fighters would target power plants and other infrastructure, badly damaging their economy still further. They were going bankrupt at the very time they needed to restructure to keep up in an arms race.

On top of all this were our operations in Eastern Europe, involving everyone from the Pope to Lech Walesa. We sent in fax machines and radios so the Polish strikers could stay ahead of the opposition, and kept up the pressure everywhere. Finally the whole Soviet system unraveled, just as Reagan and Casey had intended. Many of the countries that suffered under the Soviet yoke are now part of NATO and the EU. They can thank Ronald Reagan for much of their freedom. He was one of the great men of the century.

Go here and get the audio book "Reagan in His Own Voice". It's on sale, and you can even just click "play" and listen to some of it.

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Bush on Reagan

The AP just had this.

PARIS (AP) - President Bush mourned Ronald Reagan on Saturday as a great American who "leaves behind a nation he restored and a world he helped save."

He called Reagan's death at his home in California "a sad hour in the life of America."

Bush ordered flags flown at half-staff on federal buildings for 30 days starting Sunday.
Bush said Reagan "had the confidence that comes with conviction, the strength that comes with character, the grace that comes with humility, and the humor that comes with wisdom."
Bush walked somberly down an arcing staircase into a sitting room and assumed his position behind a lectern with the presidential seal.

He blinked back tears as he said this line: "He always told us for America the best is yet to come.

"We comfort ourselves in the knowledge that this is true for him too," Bush said. "His work is done. And now a shining city awaits him."

Sad news indeed. He was the rarest and best jelly bean in the bowl.

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President Reagan Dies

President Reagan has died. His long slow journey into twilight has ended, and he's finally reached that shining beacon on the hill. Hundreds of millions of people now live in Freedom because he graced the world with his presence, wisdom, faith, and courage. May God bless him.

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June 03, 2004

Zimbabwe Facing Starvation

Well, as predicted, Zimbabwe is facing starvation

Despite official claims that Zimbabwe can feed itself, the country grew less food this season than in any in modern times and needs more than a million tonnes of grain to keep the population alive.

But I'm sure the Zanu PF thugs will have all the food they can eat, and more.

Statistics released yesterday by the United Nations show that Zimbabwe's shortfall will be more than last year, when donors had to provide food for up to 5.5 million people, nearly half the population.

Wouldn't it be far cheaper to send Mugabe a J-DAM?

In his first interview with British journalists for four years, President Robert Mugabe told Sky News two weeks ago that Zimbabwe needed neither to import food, nor donors to provide funds for food.

And that's pretty horrifying, since he's telling potential donors to not even set aside funds or make plans for the coming famine. Even Sumerians weren't that stupid, and there's no risk that the socialist fuckweasel Mugabe will ever be confused with Sargon or Hammurabi, whose empire only collapsed because he banned ladies night.

110. If a "sister of a god" open a tavern, or enter a tavern to drink, then shall this woman be burned to death.


Over the past four years Mr Mugabe has destroyed the economy and food production by ordering his supporters to evict, often violently, more than 3,000 white commercial farmers and many thousands of their workers.

And that was one of the stupidest ideas any ruler has ever had, except perhaps Saddam's bright idea the bitter end. Maybe Mugabe needs a Zimbabwe Bob to handle PR. "I say the plants are springing up from the ground and throwing themselves into our silos everywhere!"

Mr Mugabe told the UN to stop its annual assessment of Zimbabwe's crops last month. But before three teams from the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Food Programme left the country, some assessors largely completed their work.

"The mission estimated that total food production this year would be even lower than last year's 980,000 tonnes," the UN said. Zimbabwe needs 2.1 million tonnes of maize every year to feed itself, according to the UN.

In his interview Mr Mugabe endorsed earlier claims that Zimbabwe had grown a record harvest of 2.3 million tonnes this year. But this figure is discounted by all independent experts.

His agriculture department is obviously using Stalin's Almanac, because coming up with only half the required food shows the vast difference between socialist fantasy and famine inducing reality.

A diplomat said yesterday the Zimbabwean government was "now engaged in a war about crop statistics". Mr Mugabe, keen to show African leaders that his land grab was successful, claimed that Zimbabwe would produce a surplus this year, but the government has admitted it has been secretly importing grain for several weeks.

There are probably millions who face a horrible death just to support his vast ego, all because he's too arrogant to admit that seizing farm land was staggeringly stupid. He might as well have said "Eliminate the farmers! Seize their land and then instead of milling grain just mill around wondering what used to make the plants grow."

Mr Mugabe told Sky News that the World Food Programme should feed hungry people elsewhere in the world. "Why foist this food upon us?" he asked. "We don't want to be choked, we have enough. The whites who were here were mere actor farmers, ill-educated, and we brought in a system which is much more enlightened than the system they had."

I didn't call him a socialist fuckweasel for nothing, and this shows their penchant for rejecting reality in favor of a pet theory in which they're somehow "enlightened". If things get bad I just hope the people manage to get their hands on his fat and pathetic self.

The FAO said yesterday that the causes of the dramatic drop in food production were a "further decline of large-scale commercial farms, the impact of the HIV/Aids pandemic, shortages of quality seeds, and the high local cost of fertiliser" as well as erratic rainfall.

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, said yesterday: "The UN's estimate is close to what we predicted and we will run out of food in about October.

It's strange to watch the calendar to see when your last meal is coming, but this is the situation in Zimbabwe, as has been predicted for quite some time. And still Mugabe does nothing but spout his megalomaniacal Marxist insanity.

"Mugabe wants to cover up the food deficit and will use it as we get close to elections." Mr Mugabe said last week that parliamentary elections would be held next March.

From the way John Kerry blathers about Saudi oil and everything else, I'd love to hear what he'd have to say about a rule that really is going to starve half his population to throw an election.

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May 02, 2004

So Spake Sir David

Hot dog, Calliope sent me a link to this total lunacy in the British press!

Antarctica is likely to be the world's only habitable continent by the end of this century if global warming remains unchecked, the Government's chief scientist, Professor Sir David King, said last week.

This is the Government's chief scientist. Boy, if I was British I'd be far more concerned about dying from the interventions of government scientists, who are obviously so stupid you'd think they'd be issuing travel warnings about falling off the edge of the flat earth.

He said the Earth was entering the "first hot period" for 60 million years, when there was no ice on the planet and "the rest of the globe could not sustain human life".

And he knows this how? NONE of the remotely believable predictions of global warming show an uninhabital planet either 100 years or a thousand years from now. Iraq hits highs over 120F, and the people are still doing fine, even without any air conditioners. To get much of Europe that hot you'd have to increase the planet's temperature by 50 degrees. And if humans couldn't survive a hot period 60 million years ago then how'd all the other mammals manage to make it through? I guess they were all hiding out at the poles, eh? It must've gotten pretty crowded up there at Santa's workshop. It makes the Paleocene radiation of the mammals 60 million years ago hard to explain, doesn't it.

The warning - one of the starkest delivered by a top scientist - comes as ministers decide next week whether to weaken measures to cut the pollution that causes climate change, even though Tony Blair last week described the situation as "very, very critical indeed".

That's not a stark warning, that's stark raving lunacy. The worst of the global warming models don’t even show the Antartic ice cap melting, which would make farming a bit difficult, wouldn't you think? Especially considering that reliable observations have to date detected zero, zip, nada for an air increase over the poles, which ALL the global warming models predict, because CO2 is only an efficient greenhouse gas for long wavelength infrared, which comes from cold surfaces. If there was going to be any warming, it would be starting at the poles.

The Prime Minister - who was launching a new alliance of governments, businesses and pressure groups to tackle global warming - added that he could not think of "any bigger long-term question facing the world community".

Actually I can think of a few, such as what the fall fashions will look like. But maybe the British will leap off the precipice and all start riding donkeys to work, because any country whose chief scientist spouts such laughable idiocy is certainly going to be challenged by things like keeping bicycles oiled.

Yet the Government is considering relaxing limits on emissions by industry under an EU scheme on Tuesday.

Well no wonder Chicken Little is squawking, he thinks the sky is about to fall.

Sir David said that levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - the main "green- house gas" causing climate change - were already 50 per cent higher than at any time in the past 420,000 years. The last time they were at this level - 379 parts per million - was 60 million years ago during a rapid period of global warming, he said. Levels soared to 1,000 parts per million, causing a massive reduction of life.

Catch all that stupidity. He said that they're now the highest they've been in the past 420,000 years, a level that they haven't been in the past 60 million years, except I guess for that time 420,000 years ago. There we have it ladies and gentlemen, the finest product of modern British science - the self-refuting sentence. And it's an amazing discovery indeed. What he's trying to blather on about is the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum, detailed here.

Oceanic and climate changes of the LPTM may have peaked in 10,000 years, a mere heartbeat on the geologic time scale.
Boy, that was quick, wasn't it? And what drove it?
Methane (CH4), like carbon dioxide, is a rather potent greenhouse gas. Per molecule, it can absorb 10 to 20 times more heat radiation than CO2, trapping that warmth in the air.

It seems he's going after the wrong culprit, doesn't it? And on top of all this, it was during this peak heating, which the British "scientist" says would wipe out all human life that our kind radiated forth.

When the heat peaked on land, for example, the group of modern mammals that now dominate Earth -- including primates that later would give rise to our own species -- suddenly made their first appearances on at least two continents.

Well darn it, if it means we're going to thrive then I'm all for it, except for the part about having to sit around for 10,000 years waiting for it to happen.

"No ice was left on Earth. Antarctica was the best place for mammals to live, and the rest of the world would not sustain human life," he said.

And he is flatly refuted by the fossil record, so maybe it's time for the British to retire their paranoid babbling fossil.

Sir David warned that if the world did not curb its burning of fossil fuels "we will reach that level by 2100".

So spake Sir David, blithering loon and barking moonbat extraordinaire.

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April 26, 2004

More UK Muslim Demands

On top of yesterdays Muslim outcries for Euro jihad and overthrow of the British government and replacement with sharia, and the British willingness to give Muslim women a pass on photo IDs, we have this new demand, as reported in the UK Guardian.

Pressure is mounting on the Department of Education and Skills to provide a Muslim-friendly student loan.

Representatives of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies met with the education secretary, Charles Clarke, last week to discuss the problem, which affects students and their families who believe that taking out a student loan contravenes Islamic sharia law.

The law dictates that Muslims should not pay or receive interest on loans.

Oh, why didn't we see that one coming? Isn't that just great? They'll demand interest free loans, and if lenders start showing reluctance they'll probably be charged with religious discrimination and human rights abuses.

However, the Muslim community is split over whether student loans, which incur inflation-only levels of interest, are against sharia law. Student activists say that some Muslims are being asked to break their faith or forgo the opportunity for financial assistance during their studies.

Well maybe they should make a choice. Skip the financial assistance. Better yet, how about getting a part-time job? After all, this is the UK we're talking about, where a college education is all but free when compared to an American university. Or is there some obscure codicil or fatwa that dictates that Muslim students have to be bums if living in any country not under sharia, and can only attend a madrassas if living in a country that is under sharia law.

The meeting follows new moves towards providing alternatives to suit Muslim families in the commercial sector. The HSBC bank has set up a Muslim-friendly mortgage and pension scheme which satisfies the demands of sharia law.

If they keep this up then pretty soon you'll get a live goat when you open a checking account.

Hasan Salim Patel, of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, said representatives were given a clear message from the education secretary that the DFES would consider any alternatives to the traditional student loan which were put before it.

It's bad enough that we're training future Islamic bomb scientists, but do we have to load them the money to learn it and then even forgive the interest on the loan? Just how far do we have to bend over so they can kill us?

"We've been asked to research the options, which we will do," he said. Possibilities the federation is considering include an endowment or tax which would oblige Muslims to repay fees, but with no interest attached.

Hey, how about instituting a tax on Muslims? After all, under sharia non-Muslims have to pay a tax or die. It seems only fair.

A spokesperson for the Department for Education and Skills said: "We appreciate the Muslim position on borrowing. But, it is important to remember that student loans do not incur a real rate of interest and the government does not make any profit out of these loans. The uptake of student loans amongst Muslim students compares favourably with other groups.

They are free to maintain their position on borrowing, but nothing obligates us from changing our well established position on loaning. Maybe one of them should open their own bank that gives out these oh so interesting interest-free loans. Heck, even I might sign up. I'll stick the money in the market, live off the interest, and when I retire I'll return the initial capital, untouched and unenlarged. Why don't they do that, eh?

"We have no plans to introduce different loans for different groups but we are working closely with the Federation of Student Islamic Societies on other ways forward on this."

Well of course they want to avoid making a big giant loophole for the Muslim students. How long do you think it would take all the freshman to figure out that they should stand in the line with the green banner, holler out "There is no god but Allah and Muhammed is his prophet!" and then sign the student loan application with a big self-satisfied grin?

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April 25, 2004

Public School Problems in Britain

UK Telegraph Article on public schools was interesting.

It seems the private schools are outperforming them by large, large margins.

Independent school pupils are up to five times more likely to achieve the highest marks at A-level than their state school counterparts, research obtained by The Sunday Telegraph has revealed.

They only now revealed that? How was this not already known?

In some subjects, such as physics and German, independent school pupils - who are already twice as likely as state pupils to obtain an A grade - would become five times more likely to gain the highest mark.

We're not talking 20% differences here. These differences are simply huge.

The research will embarrass the Government and reinforce the suspicion of critics that it has failed to introduce an A-plus grade because this would make it far more difficult to persuade universities to discriminate in favour of state pupils. Whitehall wants universities to discriminate and is offering financial incentives to those that do and threatening financial penalties against those that do not.

And politics rears its ugly head. Government tries to hide government failure. Film at eleven. The debate centers around whether they should introduce an A+ grade to better differentiate the students' performance.

The new research was compiled by the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) from the results of A-level candidates in 2003, and sets out how pupils would have performed if an A-plus grade had been available. This would have required pupils to achieve at least 560 points out of 600, rather than the 480 needed at present for a standard grade A.

Hmm... 480/600, or 80%, is an A. No wonder they need an A+ to break it down further. Anyway, the article was pretty interesting, and gets into some deeper numbers. It's worth a little peek.

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April 24, 2004

UK Sun Slams Galloway

This was kind of funny. George Galloway, the British MP who supported Saddam, claims he's never seen a barrel of oil. So the UK Sun delivered a barrel to his house. It sat in his driveway for three hours before he moved it behind some hedges.

Next time they should drop off some of those 400,000 bodies Saddam dumped in mass graves.

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ID Cards

Earlier this week I posted on whether an Amish man should be granted some kind of exception to having to have his picture taken for an ID, since he had religious objections.

Several people said that no exceptions should be granted, and I argued that his face was already known, and further, why not just take his picture anyway. Just because someone raises a religious objection doesn't mean you have to give in or deport them.

Well, it seems the British have also decided that to make a religious exception in the national identity cards they'll use in the War On Terror. They've decided to exempt Muslims, or at least Muslim women.

Thousands of Muslim women will be exempted from having to show their faces on identity cards as the Government moves to allay fears among British Muslims that the new cards will be used to target them in the 'war on terror'.

Well isn't that just peachy. I'm sure all those Scotch and Welsh suicide bombers certainly feel like they're in the government's crosshairs, now, eh? So we're refusing to yield on the Amish, and meanwhile Britain's giving Muslims a pass. We just can't seem to get this Al-Qaeda threat figured out, can we?

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California Police Being Assassinated

This AP story was rather disturbing. It seems many California gang members think they'll gain street cred by assassinating police officers. The problem is getting worse, too. Maybe it's time to get Fallujah with a few gangs.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A spate of deadly police shootings in California has some officials worried that street gang culture, known to reward cop killers with status and respect, is ever emboldening gunmen to target officers. The latest victim was a California Highway Patrol officer shot and killed this week as he exited a court house.

I think California may have to become more serious about using the death penalty for anyone who does this.

Slaying an officer often enhances the status of both the gang and the gang member, giving them notoriety and protection inside the prison system, said Darren Levine, a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney with the Crimes Against Police Officers section.

"There's a bounty on the heads of police officers," Levine said. "There's nothing better if you're going to prison than killing a cop."

That needs to change real fast. If nothing else, a special and very unpleasant prison that's seperate from the usual population. I think the "blame the victim" culture to blame. What they need to do is have more people rotting on the inside rather than having California rot from a lack a legal spine.

Though the causes may vary, brazen attacks on officers with no or little provocation appear on the rise.

There were 40 cases of officers targeted by gunmen in 2003, a 21 percent increase from the previous year, said Officer Don Cox, a police spokesman. In those cases, a total of 84 officers were shot.

They mention a recent upsurge at the end of last year, and that there's an increasing number of non-gang related shootings. I wonder if some of the IndyMedia types have been going after people they keep describing as "pigs"? Check out the original story. It's got some details.

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